WAEC 2022 Physics Questions And Answers ( Expo/Runs)

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WAEC Physics Questions and Answers 2022/2023 |OBJ & Theory Expo

Welcome to the WAEC Physics questions and answers for the year 2022. You’ll find WAEC Physics Objective Answers, WAEC Physics Essay 2022, WAEC 2022 Physics, and the advice you need to breeze through your WAEC Physics exam.

According to recent reviews, candidates’ weaknesses in WAEC Physics questions included a lack of understanding of the fundamentals of the course, inability to take precise measurements to the required accuracy, inability to correctly plot graphs, and disregard for instruction, all of which result in them losing marks.

Each question on this page has been solved, including the OBJ and theory problems, and each answer is put beside the question.

Each of the WAEC Physics essay and theory example questions and answers for 2022 workings will be shown here in the theory section (i.e paper 2). Study and master the steps in case you encounter similar questions on the exam.

You can also try solving the questions on your own (by following the same methods we did) and then compare your results to the ones on this page. Examine all of the WAEC physics questions 2022 on this page and double-check your answers.

WAEC 2022 Physics OBJ Questions And Answers

Here we will be posting some last years physics obj questions and answers as we believe waec repeat there questions every year, they just change figures,words, format etc.


as you can see above, this is the obj answers from number one to number two, which might help you in the forth coming exam.

Waec 2022 Physics Theory Questions And Answers

The types of questions the WAEC Board will ask you in the theory segment will not be tough; they will be from the same physics themes you are already familiar with.

image of waec physics examimage of waec physics examimage of waec physics examimage of waec physics exam

It goes without saying that your life will not be positive until you have a positive perspective. You must cultivate an optimistic attitude toward your fate as you prepare for WAEC 2022. Don’t say things like “WAEC Physics is incredibly difficult, I’m not sure if I’ll pass,” and don’t trust anyone who tells you that you can’t pass WAEC 2022 Physics on your own.

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Physics Essay Questions and Answers

Below are the showing working of the WAEC Physics essay and theory sample questions and answers for 2021 paper 2.

Study the steps and master them in case you see similar questions during the exam.

1. A stationary ball is hit by an average force of 50N for a time range of 0.03sec. Calculate the impulse experienced by the ball.

Solution:Β impulse (I) = Ft



2. Calculate the recoil velocity of a riffle of mass 15kg which fires a bullet of mass 60g with a velocity of 200ms-1.

Mass of the riffle = 15kg, while the mass of the bullet = 60g

The velocity of the bullet = 200ms-1.


The momentum before firing is zero

Momentum after firing = 15 x V + 60/100 X 200 = 15v + 12

Since the momentum is conserved, we will have;

15v + 12 =0

v = –12/15Β = -0.8ms-1

Question 3. i. What is the width of the image of an object which subtends an angle of 8Β at the pinhole of a camera 0.5m long?

ii. How long is the image of the sun on this camera? Take the mean distance of the sun as 1.5 X 1011m, and the diameter of the sun as 1.4 X 109


Let the width of the image = h (m)

tan8Β = h/0.5m

h = 0.5 X tan8Β = 0.5 X 0.1405mΒ = 7cm Ans.

Let the radius of the sun be l (m)

l/0.5Β = 0.7 X 109/1.5 X 1011Β =tan0

l = 0.5 X 0.7 X 109/1.5 X 1011 = 0.233X10-2m


Therefore, the diameter of the image = 0.46cm

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