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How To Use Oseoji For Prayers

Posted by on July 31, 2021 0


How to use alligator pepper for prayers

How To Use Alligator Pepper For Prayers

OSEOJI is a seed from a particular type of grass. That which produces oseoji is called oseoyo. It’s not a tree, but a grass.

When it’s freshly brought out from the ground, it’s wet and will have to be dried under the sun. After drying under the sun, then it gets to look like it is now – pictures below.

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Before opening oseoji, it has to be taken behind your back. The reason to break it open behind your back is because oseoji is a spirit, and like every spirit, it forbids certain things to remain effective.

This is why it shouldn’t be opened in your front. To open oseoji, take your two hands behind your back and use your fingers to break it open. After which, you now bring your hands to your front and then pour it into a plate, cup, etc for intended use or keep it like that depending on how you want to use it.


Oseoji forbids a lot of things. The reason for this is that so that it remains effective. Below are things that oseoji forbids, as well things that makes it more effective.

Never keep oseoji where a man or woman can cross over it, especially women. The reason for the emphasis on women is that most times they are menstruating, and this affects the effectiveness of oseoji. Therefore, you’ve to be careful where you store the oseoji.

After praying with oseoji and circling four times around your head, be careful where you drop it. Be careful you do not drop it anywhere a woman will cross over it. This is because once a woman menstruating crosses over it, it renders it ineffective and all your prayers with it becomes useless.

Once the oseoji drops on the ground and toches the soil, it becomes a medicine. It communicates to earth (soil) your prayer intentions and they start working towards perfection of your prayer intentions.

As the breeze blows by, it interacts with earth, communicating your intentions as well and they carry it. It’s now effective because breeze blows everyday; in Eke, Orie, Afo and Nkwo (4 market days).

As the air carries it, it transports it across the sun, the waters, the earth, the trees in the forest and the heavens. You now see what we do and the reason we do it. That message you sent with oseoji, you now see how it reaches the heavens – because when breeze comes, it blows off sand and everything on the ground.

You don’t know where it takes it to. All these things it carries and wherever it takes it to, all works together.

If it drops them on top of the leaves, the leaves show it to the sun. When the sun comes, it communicates to it that this is a message from earth, which the wind brought forth.

The sun now carries the message and communicates them to the waters, telling it all things being said and for them to start working towards perfection. You now see how all these things work together. How all the spirits are one.

So, whenever all these things are happening in the spirit and a woman crosses over the place where you dropped the oseoji anytime, be it in 2, 5- or 10-months’ time, all the ritual prayers begins to reverse. Therefore, be careful where you drop your oseoji after prayers.

Depending on your prayer intentions, it may not matter when a woman crosses over the oseoji seed if the prayer purpose have been achieved. Some prayers are meant to last for a long time, while others are for short periods.

For example, if you prayed for a new job and a woman crosses over the oseoji seed you dropped after you must have gotten the new job, then it doesn’t matter anymore because the intended intention for the prayers has been answered.

All in all, be careful where you drop your oseoji seed after prayers. If you drop it carelessly and a woman crosses over it, then your ritual prayer becomes ineffective without you even knowing it. If you stay in a fenced environment, it’s advised you drop it close to the fenced wall where it’s unlikely that anyone will cross over it.

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Oseoji For Body Cleansing

When it comes to cleansing your body with oseoji, you’ve to make sure that the oseoji seed touches your body. Hold it in a way that the oseoji seed is exposed and clearly visible and, can be able to touch your whole body. Don’t cover it with your hand while holding it.

Why you ask? Because when the oseoji touches your body, it serves as a magnet and as such magnets all the negative energies in your body wherever the oseoji seed touches; from your toes to your arms and chest, which when you finish your prayer and throws the seed away, it carries all those things with it.

This is what is called cleansing, just like a snake sheds its skin to wear a new one. When you cleanse your body with oseoji, you shed off all the old bad energies to replace it with a new one, making your body holy and as fresh as new.

Even the Bible we read made us to understand that our body is holy. That holy temple being talked about is our body and nothing else. And anything that is holy doesn’t need corruption. There are several ways that the human body can be exposed to corruption.

That is why anybody that knows anything about the spirit know that he/she should cleanse his/her body with oseoji at least once in a day, preferably in the morning. You can do it any number of times during the day, but at least once in day. Why it’s important to be done in the morning is because morning is a new dawn. So you take it to start your day.

Oseoji For Early Morning Prayer

Use seven seeds of OSEOJI if you have undergone any spiritual baths or rituals. If not use only three seeds.On bare feet, remember.

Pick the seeds and pour them into your mouth. Do not chew them yet. Start your ritual (prayers). Start by thanking the MOST HIGH, the archangels, the angels, the gods and goddesses of the land and your ancestors for the gift of life.

Say your prayers. YOU ONLY KNOW YOUR INTENTIONS. Affirm positively. Remember not to curse or call names. Do not shout for the gods and goddesses are not deaf. Only ask for your intentions. Be serious.

After saying your prayers, chew the seeds and swallow. It is peppering, yes. But do it.

Remember to use ISEEEE not AMEN in all your ritual prayers.


Oseoji For Protection

If you are embarking on a journey and you are not sure of your safety. Select seven (7) seeds of OSEOJI and put inside your pocket. It will protect you against poison or accident. On your return, immediately remove them and throw away.


To Deliver Yourself From Enemies

Equally, use 21seeds of OSEOJI to curse your enemies. Here be careful. Select only 21 seeds. No more no less. Hold them in your right palm. Thank the Most High, the angels, the gods and goddesses and your ancestors. Call on EKE, ORIE, AFO AND NKWO (4 known market days) to bear you witness.

Make sure your hands are pure for OSEOJI is unblemished. Do not call names. The gods and goddesses know your enemies. Do not shout. Be focused. Pray to blind their eyes with which they monitor your life.

Pray to cause them dumb the mouth with which they use to evil against your progress. Pray to cripple them. The legs with which they walk against your progress in life. Having done with your prayers, pour the seeds inside your mouth and chew all. Do not swallow. Rather Splash three times thus:

Splash to blind their eyes and never see you today as you go about your businesses.

Splash to block their mouths and ears causing them not to hear nor speak on your behalf.

Splash to cripple their legs so that they don’t work faster before you nor slowly behind your back.


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