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How To Make Money As An Upcoming Artist

Posted by on August 4, 2021 1


How to make money as an upcoming artist

How To Make Money As An Upcoming Artist

Trying to reach out on some upcoming artists you will notice that there are plenty of talks about how hard it is to make money as a music artist. Although there is no doubt that it can be a challenge (which is why you need to do music for other reasons than just making money), the truth remains that if you are the kind of person who is committed and resourceful, you will definitely earn from your musical talents. The important thing is not to listen to what people say cause they are always busy filling your head with negative thoughts. There are lots of ways you can make money from your music if you focus on what you can do, rather than what you can’t do.

The dreams of every music artist is to make a living out of their music but how do you actually start making money? In addition to selling the music physically, what can you do to start earning yourself a salary while still creating music you love?

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We would all agree that In this present time that the secret to earn enough money as a music artist is to diversify the source of your income. Not all music artist makes money strictly from Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and other music outreachs

How To Make Money As An Upcoming Music Artist

Let me just tell you this surprising thing, there are a whole lots of ways your music can make you rich, even those things you outlook that can fetch you cool cash without stress that you may think aren’t possible. I will drop few ideas that have been tested and trusted to get you started as an upcoming artist, you have to understand that this few tips am going to give you shouldn’t be overlooked, you have to be keen and determined on exactly what you want.


1. Hosting Live Performances:-

Today we get to see lots of shows and concerts all around the world, People love listening to live music and as an upcoming artist who wants to become famous someday and make money from it your priority should tender on creating awareness by doing so you can engage yourself in live performance, majority of the upcoming music artists makes lots of money from live performances which we ignorantly disregard.

There are lots of chances of making money from live performances as in the cases of you hosting the event how much do you think you will make from selling tickets. Have you ever wondered why famous music artists still host live events, do you think they just host the events for fun? No that’s mistaken, they host the events to make cool cash.

2. Selling Your Tracks:-

As an upcoming artist who wants to make money, I believe you would have some recorded tracks in studio, play this songs to your fans, those who already started loving your musical tunes, then use your initiative to detect the one they love most. Now this is where the journey begins, ik this present time online musical streaming has become compulsory for at least 90% of all human beings that lives on earth, you need to be readily available across all online outlets, or you need to find a nice aggregator that brings the music around the net for you or you may opt to set it up yourself. It is also essential to sell music at shows.

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You should sell CD-Rs, make sure they are well priced to sell at all of your shows, or online. If you are pressing hard copies, check out your nearest record shops to retrieve them on request. You can easily duplicate your CDs without much expense, including printing and a plastic wrapped case, so much of every sale will be profitable, even after massive discounts.

3. Create a Website:-

Gone are the days one needs to acquire a fortune in other to create or own a website, this days for as low as $20 US dollars you can create a website for your business unless you don’t have knowledge of such, you can employ someone who we readily create and develop a site for your musical career. I would recommend Josh Web Development Services, a professional web developer, as their price is very much affordable.

Now let’s get down to business a website or blog is a perfect way to showcase your music, selling your audio tracks, and to reveal your gig availability. Having a web site that shows some samples of your talent is a smart idea. If they are satisfied on your performance, ask your fans to write a review on your website stating which of your musical tracks they love and ones they would want you to make improvements on.

No idea where to go? There are existing platforms specifically designed for band/musical websites, i.e., which lets you create a website with a professional look. Learn the benefits of a website which looks professional with the help of a web developer.

4. Create A YouTube Channel:-

YouTube is another way upcoming music artists can make money, this platform has continued to prove its helping lots of people achieve their online goals. YouTube helps music artists to make money while viewers play their songs online. The benefit of using YouTube as a forum is that it’s safe, you don’t have to know anyone in the industry and you can try again and again. Take a phone calls, film yourself and use YouTube’s advertisement platform to make some extra money. Content ID is a common digital fingerprinting system which can be used by content creators to easily recognize and manage their copyrighted content on YouTube. Audio and video files posted to YouTube are linked

So using YouTube is very much safe and can help you earn money while still trying to build your fan base.

5. Record label Deals:-

This has been the most challenging aspect for every upcoming music artists, getting to be signed into a record label takes a whole lots of hard work and time, but if followed duely all tips given from number 1 to 4 then you are one step away from getting a record label deal.

If a music artist works hard enough, network connections, and promote themselves in the right manner, he can make lots of money by signing with a major record label. That being said, record labels typically won’t sign newbies and also most record labels really don’t give much money to upcoming artists. If you don’t have a following of your own, they won’t give you a penny. If you do have a small-but-growing following, you may be able to get a record deal.

That’s why I would always advice you to promote yourself first in other to get record deals that can help you achieve your goals and targets. Do not relent on whatever things you do just work hard and Be very much determined and I hope with the few tips followed duely you will make money as an upcoming artists.

And stay safe.


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